Option Income: Creating Income Through High Probability Trades

Option Income: "Discover Ways to Profitable Option Trading"

Option Income, stock option trading, put option/covered call, what are these terms? So, do you want to trade stock options? If you are like most investors, you will be keen to earn double digits returns consistently with substantially reduced risk from stock option trading. How can that be done, you asked?

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Here is where we will share on what is achievable for most investors, and these option trading strategies are not proprietary to only the professional traders. Let the truth be told.

When you trade the market for any instruments, you should have the mindset of a winner, i.e. with the intent to profit and to profit handsomely from trading the market. To do that, there are a couple of things that are needed to be improved: your knowledge and your mindset.

The Good News: If you are already a stock investor, transiting to trading options, creating option income and including option trading into your arsenal of trading tools is merely a mindset shift - although it might be easier for some than the others.

You will also want to take note that important trading principles still hold: such as Trend Following (trend is your friend), Cut Losses Short (the first cut is the sweetest), Let Winners Run (or even averaging up), and Adequate Capitalization. On top of all these factors, you would want to take full advantage of time decay of options if you are an option seller to help you to create option income. Putting it in another way, by being the option seller, you experience the advantage of the diminishing value of options as  they approach their expiration dates.

Here's the place for the exploration of new knowledge and getting to know the various aspects of trading, including great information such as Mindset of Great Traders from the Trading Quotable Quotes Section. Market Behaviors, Historical Events and Human Nature from the Trading Perspectives Section, Actual  Trades done and recorded in the Trading Blog Section and many, many more useful sections.

Like any endeavor, you can begin the process by investing time in yourself to gain the necessary knowledge as well as the skills to improve your chances of success via option income:

“If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties.”

...Francis Bacon

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